New Logistic, LLC increases its fleet with Tikhvin flat cars

United Wagon Company has sent the first batch of more than 200 container flat cars to the rail operator New Logistic, LLC. The customer will receive a total of 1,000 freight cars until the end of 2022.

The most notable competitive advantage of this flat car, Model 13-6903, intended to carry large-capacity containers is its increased payload capacity of 74.5 t with a load length of 80 ft. The flat car can also be used to transport tank containers and containers, including refrigerated ones, of different sizes with a gross weight of up to 36 tonnes. The car design allows placing and securing large-capacity containers in compliance with the Local Technical Requirements (MTUs). The flat car runs on bogies with a 25-ton axle load each that ensures safe operation of the car and a longer maintenance interval (8 years or up to 1 million km).

The demand for container flat cars in Russia rose drastically in 2021 amidst growing container shipments. The growth was triggered by a considerable development of the export and import container traffic between Russia and China. The increased demand boosted the production of Model 13-6903: last year it grew 3 times over the 2020 production to more than 1.8 thousand cars. Flat cars, Model 13-6903, accounted for 11% of the total production of 80-foot container flat cars built in Russia in 2021.

Sergei Kust, Chief Executive Officer of New Logistic, LLC: “Last year container rail shipments showed a notable growth. We used all our capacities to meet the customer demand. This is a basic reason for us willing to enhance our fleet with modern freight cars that have higher payloads. Flat cars made by UWC are efficient in operation. Using them will ensure uninterrupted work and the satisfaction of customer needs”.