NPC Springs completes introduction of 1C:ERP

Springs Industrial Technology Center (NPC Springs, part of the United Wagon Company), Russia’s largest manufacturer of springs for the railway engineering industry, appearing on the list of systemically important companies of Udmurtia, has completed integrated automation of production and financial accounting processes based on the Russian software product 1C: ERP.

1C: ERP Version 2.5 is a tool to improve the efficiency of an enterprise by building end-to-end business processes in a single information system. Thanks to 1C:ERP, NPC Springs has automated key production and financial processes, in particular, a mechanism for full and continuous traceability of raw materials and products has been established, inventory has been optimized, quality control of finished products has been strengthened, and the process of information collection from all divisions has been streamlined.

Thus, the application of a unique identifier system made it possible to eliminate the problem of excess inventory and create a basis for effective control over the processes of purchasing raw materials, manufacturing and shipping finished products. As a result, the automation of procurement and warehouse management has significantly facilitated the review of the order fulfillment process.

Specialized interfaces have been created directly in the workshops to reflect online the results of production operations. The communication of the IT system with the production equipment was configured to ensure its correct operation and receive alarms about problems.

During the implementation of 1C:ERP, subsystems for conducting incoming, laboratory, production and metrological inspections, acceptance tests of products were also developed. This made it possible to link quality control procedures and production processes into a single automated chain.

Building the relationship between the data of operational and regulated accounting allows you to generate analytical reporting with the required degree of detail.

Alexander Kuzmin, Chief Financial Officer at NPC Springs, comments: “The need to implement a single integration system for all departments is long overdue. Prior to this, the plant used various specialized information systems, Excel tables, which were not interconnected in any way. This complicated the planning and production processes and shifted the focus of control. And with the help of 1C:ERP, as early as in the first months of work, we managed to feel positive changes. Operating costs have been reduced, the interaction of departments has become more convenient and transparent. I am sure that the volume of such changes will only grow.”

Fedor Bukhtoyarov, IT Director at the UWC railcar group, noted: “Digitalization and comprehensive process automation are a prerequisite for the successful development of a modern manufacturing enterprise. The introduction process of 1C:ERP took 12 months. This is a fairly short timeframe for a project of this magnitude. As a result, the new system provided end-to-end automation of processes from production planning and procurement to the sale of finished products, including operational production and warehouse accounting, and quality control. In addition, it automated the processes of repair and maintenance of equipment, asset accounting, pricing and much more. As a result of the implementation of 1C:ERP, we expect to increase the efficiency of NPC Springs.”