NPC “Springs” has entered export markets

Springs Industrial Technology Center (NPC “Springs”, it was an investment project of RUSNANO, now it is a part of railway holding RPC “United Wagon Company”) has commenced deliveries of its products to the USA. The American company Cardwell Westinghouse, a subdivision of Wabtec Corporation, which is the global supplier of high-tech products for railways, is acting as the partner of NPC “Springs”. A potential volume of deliveries will be up to 20, 000 of railcar springs per annum.

As part of entered agreements NPC “Springs” will be supplying Cardwell Westinghouse with up to 10, 000 sets of railcar springs every year in the next 2 years. The volume of deliveries is penciled in to reach 20, 000 of sets per annum in the future. The products of domestic manufacturer will be used as component parts of draft gears of freight railcars.

NPC “Springs” became the second manufacturing enterprise of RPC UWC, among RPC UWC enterprises, exporting their products to a highly competitive American market. In 2015 Tikhvin Freight Car Building Plant was awarded a contract for the deliveries of freight car castings for American railroads.

NPC “Springs” started its production activity in 2011 as the project RUSNANO for the manufacturing of super-strong nanostructured springs possessing enhanced durability, longevity and geometrical accuracy indices. Total volume of investments with the participation of RUSNANO amounted to 1.1 billion rubles.

Performance specifications of the supplied springs provide cyclic durability that complies with increased requirements to devices of this type on US railroads. The technology of high-temperature thermomechanical treatment of steel, applied in the manufacturing process of NPC “Springs”, safeguards increased performance specifications of the springs.

The cooperation with the Russian manufacturer will make it possible for Wabtec Corporation to diversify the suppliers of component parts and obtain highly competitive products, which have not yet been widely represented in the global market. As regards the benefits for RPC UWC, the export contract is a recognition of a high quality of and a great demand for products, manufactured in the enterprises of the holding company, both in domestic and international markets.