PhosAgro and United Wagon Company sign a supply contract for 56 molten sulfur tank cars

PhosAgro Group, one of the world's leading manufacturers of phosphorus-containing fertilizers, and Research and production corporation “United Wagon Company” (UWC) (MOEX: UWGN), Russia’s largest manufacturer of freight cars1, signed a contract for the supply of 56 additional tank cars for molten sulfur transportation at the International Railway Fair “PRO//Motion.Expo” (Moscow, Shcherbinka).

The delivery will be completed before the end of this year. The total number of Tikhvin-made tank cars for molten sulfur owned by the PhosAgro Group will grow to 168.

The acquired tank cars manufactured by TikhvinChemMash, an entity of the UWC, have various advantages over their counterparts. The 15-6913 car on a 25-tf bogie ranks among United Wagon Company’s most technically sophisticated products. Its tank has thermal insulation with a double stainless steel casing and an electric heating system. The thermal insulation allows to maintain cargoes in a liquid state at sub-zero temperatures, and the heating system facilitates efficient unloading of the tank.

The increased tank volume (44 m3) and an impressive payload capacity of the car (72 t) make it possible to transport additionally up to 9 t of freight (with a cargo density of 1.8 t/m3) as compared to tank cars most commonly used in the market. The 18-9855 innovative bogie with an axle load of 25 tf allows to extend the service interval up to 1 million km (or 8 years) which reduces the overall cost of the car’s lifecycle almost threefold.

“Our company is constantly working to improve its efficiency, so by acquiring the additional new generation tank cars to transport molten sulfur is an eco-friendly way will help us optimize the costs of transportation and preparation of sulfur for the production process”, said Sergey Pronin, Deputy CEO for Sales and Marketing at PhosAgro, regarding the signed agreement with United Wagon Company.

“We are happy to see our partnership with the PhosAgro Group, one of our key customers, progressing. Aiming to implement their development strategy, they have acquired from us a total of two thousand and a half innovative cars so far”, said Boris Myagkov, Deputy CEO for Commerce and Marketing at UWC.

1Based on the information provided by INFOLine Analytika: