Rail operator Transles and United Wagon Company sign agreement of intent

Transles (a member of the RTC Group of Companies), the market leader in railway transportation of timber freights providing complex logistical solutions for forestry enterprises and United Wagon Company (UWC), the market leader in innovative railcar building in the 1520 mm track gauge zone, has signed an agreement of intent within International Exhibition of Transport and Logistics Services and Technologies “TransRussia/TransLogistica 2018”. Under the agreement, the operator will purchase 200 flat cars (60-foot), to be shipped by the end of 2019.

Platform model 13-6895 significantly differs from its peers on the market, having an increased carrying capacity and an increased loading volume: up to 72.5 tons and 155 m3, which makes it possible to load up to extra 30 cubic meters of timber onto the rail car. Transportation on the UWC’s platform with the loading length of 18.85 meters allows the transportation costs to be reduced in comparison with the cars that have 13-meter loading length.

The platform's bogie has an increased axle load of 25 tonnes, thanks to which the run before the first depot repair is 800,000 km (or 8 years) compared with 210,000 km (or 3 years) for standard type. The car is designed for a service life of 40 years.

Aleksei Barbariush, CEO of Transles, commented on the agreement: “The company operates more than 10,000 platforms for transporting timber, timber products and containers. By developing the fleet with the use of innovative cars, we are implementing our strategy aimed at the modernisation and renewal of the rolling stock.”

The 13-6895 model platforms are produced at TikhvinSpetsMash, a car building enterprise, (part of UWC) and are subject to the Resolution of the Government of the Russian Federation No. 175 dated February 20, 2018, on subsidies for the purchase of specialised new generation railcars.