RAIL1520, a freight railcar operating lessor, and SIBUR-Trans, a subsidiary of the SIBUR petrochemicals holding, have entered into the long-term relationship agreement on the freight rail cars lease. As an initiatory step of it, the rail operator will receive a batch of 100 tank cars for liquefied natural gas (LNG). The rolling stock was manufactured by Public Company “Poltavhimmash” in 2012.

The lease rate has been long-term secured under the Contract, which will allow the general freight agent of SIBUR Holding to manage the freight costs and ensure transportation security of the business.
«The consumption of liquefied gases by industry and economy grows steadily. The agreement with SIBUR-Trans, which occupies 40% share of the market of railway transportation and is one of the major owners of the gas tank car fleet, is very important for our company», – commented Dmitry Bovykin, RAIL1520 Operation Director.

«We have concluded the contract for the supply of the first batch of gas tank cars. All cars will be placed into service by the end of May. We see RAIL1520 as a reliable partner. We hope to continue our mutually advantageous cooperation», – emphasized Dmitry Korzh, head of the SIBUR-Trans Commercial Service.