RAILGO to test 200 innovative tank cars

RAILGO has signed a contract with United Wagon Company on the supply of 200 innovative Model 15-9993 tank cars for transporting petroleum products. The deal will allow the company to assess the model’s operational advantages and take a decision on further investments in innovative rolling stock.

“This is just a trial batch of innovative UWC cars for testing purposes. After conducting tests on different routes, we will look at where we are seeing the greatest economic benefits, and will then take a decision concerning our future partnership,” said Chairman of the Board of RAILGO Rahman Khalilov.

The new generation tank car has improved technical and economic features compared with standard models. The 15-9993 car has an increased tank volume of 88 m3 and a load capacity of 73.3 t. This allows operators to transport bulk oil and petroleum freight of various kinds with a density of up to 1.03 t/m3 and increase per-car loads by 7 t, providing additional economic benefits. The car’s increased maintenance interval also provides a significant competitive advantage, reducing costs over the car’s life-cycle almost threefold.

RAILGO manages a total of 30,000 rolling stock units. The company is among Russia’s ten largest rolling stock owners, and the top three market leaders by the number of tank cars owned. It is also the owner of the youngest fleet of tank cars in the entire post-Soviet space.