RBC 500 and RAEX–600 rank RPC UWC among the largest Russian companies

United Wagon Company (UWC or the Holding) (MOEX: UWGN), the leading manufacturer of innovative rolling stock in the 1520 mm gauge area, has ranked among  the largest Russian companies in the annual ratings of RBC and Expert RA, considerably improving its positions on the lists.

The rankings are based on the annual sales volume of products and services. In 2015, the revenue of United Wagon Company totalled RUB 42.1 billion, an increase of 147% over the previous reporting period. By this indicator, UWC has climbed to the 230th position in the RBC 500 rating (up from the 463rd) and to the 239th in the RAEX–600 ranking (up from the 540th). Further, PRC UWC has re-entered the RAEX–600 list of the TOP-20 most dynamic companies. 

UWC’s revenue has been growing due to the company’s increasing its production volumes, selling more freight cars in the market, and setting higher sales prices. The growth has also been contributed by a significant expansion of the fleet managed by the Holding’s transport subsidiary, which resulted in more operating revenue. The steadily increasing revenue is a clear demonstration of that the company is stable in its development.

For the full of the rating lists, please go to RBC 500 and RAEX–600.