RPC UWC and Eurosib SPb-transport systems sign a lend lease agreement of log platforms

Research and Production Corporation “United Wagon Company” and “Eurosib SPb-transport systems” signed a lend lease agreement of up to one thousand innovative log platforms of load capacity.

The agreement provides for the long-term lease of log platforms, new 13-6852 model, with improved technical and economic features in the course of 2016-2017.

The platform of 13-6852 model has higher capacity (up to 74 t) and it is designed for transportation of timber from 3 m to 13 m in length. The telescopic details of main posts increase the loading area without pyramid loading, and the new design of the substructure posts allows effective transportation for not only round wood, but also packed sawn timber without its damaging because of main posts.

The design of the center and side sills of the platform provides a convenient car inspection, maintenance service and repair of the brake equipment. Automated processes of the sill welding increase the reliability of the platform construction that minimizes the risk of fracture in operation.

The log platform of 13-6852 model is equipped with Barber bogie, model 18-9855, with 25-tf axle load. The use of the innovative bogie enhances wagon dynamical characteristics, improves its operation safety, increases mileage between services and reduces lifecycle cost.

The log platforms leased to the operator are manufactured by Tikhvin Freight Car Building Plant (TVSZ, part of RPC UWC railway holding). This rolling stock is a new one in the model line-up manufactured by TVSZ. Now the prototype of the log platform is undergoing preliminary and certification tests and tests in service.

It is to be recalled that RPC UWC and “Eurosib SPb-transport systems” have had strong partnership relations since 2011. By now, the railway operator has taken on lease batches of container platforms, box cars and hoppers for mineral fertilizers.

Igor Tolstikhin, “Eurosib SPb-transport system” Operations Director, said: United Wagon Company is our strategic partner, and we have stable and mutually beneficial relationship. We are making focused efforts to improve the operational efficiency of the rolling stock. That is why we have strong interest in new railcars. We hope for extension of cooperation between our companies".

Alexander Lukyanenko, RPC UWC deputy CEO for strategic sales, added: Evrosib is one of the leading and diversified railway operators in Russia. We highly appreciate the cooperation of our companies. I am sure that our partners will see the true value of all the advantages of the new log platform operation. This product is unique in its technical and economic features for the Russian market. We believe that operation of such railcars in the fleet will let our company maintain and strengthen the leading position in the market".