RPC UWC increased the number of training and service centers of innovative railcars servicing

Research and Production Corporation “United Wagon Company” (UWC) opened two new training centers and four maintenance and repair. Thus, for today UWC servicing activity area is represented by a maintenance network for innovative cars equipped with Barber bogies including 6 training service centers and 49 service centers in Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus.

In cooperation with Russian Railways, RPC UWC organized two new training centers for employees’ additional training at the Central Directorate for infrastructure, a branch of Russian Railways. The centers operate at the premises of the wagon maintenance depots of the North-Caucasian Railway and the Sverdlovsk Railway: Bataisk and Sverdlovsk-Sortirovochny.

The training is organized according to the specifically developed by UWC training method. Russian Railways employees and other car-repair enterprises workers operating freight railcars equipped with Barber bogies, acquire practical skills of innovative rolling stock maintenance. During the study program audience, have training items of Barber bogie and its components at their disposal as well as electronic technical documentation and online manual “Freight car bogie, model 18-9855”.

In addition, UWC organized four new service centers for maintenance of freight railcars with improved technical and economic features equipped with Barber bogies. The centers are open in cooperation with Russian railways and Carriage Repair Company-2 on the basis of the wagon repair depots: Voinovka (Sverdlovsk Railway), Tynda (Far Eastern Railway) and wagon maintenance depots: Krasnoyarsk Vostochny (Krasnoyarsk Railway), Severobaikalsk (East Siberian Railway). The depots organize their work on current uncoupling repair of rolling stock as well as on component warehousing and delivery to third-party freight railcar repair works. Appropriate training was organized for the wagon depot staff.

Dmitry Losev, Deputy CEO for Technical Development in United Wagon Company, said: "We are actively bringing innovative railcars into use at the network, because they provide the modernization of the Russian freight railcar fleet. Today, more than 20 thousand new generation railcars equipped with Barber bogies are in operation on the railway. We are developing our maintenance service network by the fleet increasing and its operational expansion. The company is planning to upgrade newly opened service centers, which will allow them to make bogie castings diagnostics, to monitor their dimensions and perform programming repair work”.