Russia’s Ministry of Industry and Trade awards a commendation to UWC’s Deputy CEO for Technical Development

Dmitry Losev, Chairman of Freight Rolling Stock Subcommittee of Non-Profit Partnership “Association of Railway Equipment Manufacturers” and Deputy CEO for Technical Development at RPC “United Wagon Company”, received a commendation note from the Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade. The state award was handed in by Alexander Morozov, Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade of Russia, at the general final meeting of members of the Association of Railway Equipment Manufacturers (NP “OPZHT”).

Dmitry Losev was awarded the commendation for his material contribution to the development of the Russian industry and more than 20 years of dedicated work in the railway sector. Starting his career as a railcar inspector, he went on to become Head of Rolling Stock at RZD. Dmitry held leading positions in the International Organization for Co-operation between Railways and the Commission of Railway Transport Council composed of the railway administrations of the CIS and Baltic countries.

Since the start of 2014, Dmitry Losev has been heading the Freight Rolling Stock Subcommittee of NP “OPZHT” whose mission is to promote the development of innovative freight rolling stock and work to improve the quality, reliability and safety of the railroad traffic. Under his leadership, the Subcommittee has been successfully performing its tasks to improve the practices of operation of freight cars with increased loading capacity and wheelsets equipped with cassette bearings. They have elaborated and implemented the practices of stamping data matrix codes on freight car assemblies and parts to track their condition, minimize the risk of human error and simplify the maintenance of innovative freight cars. The Subcommittee has developed and is implementing a variety of strategies poised to fight counterfeiting in the railcar building sector.