RZD Logistics signed an agreement with UNICON 1520 at Eastern Economic Forum

Vladivostok, 6 September 2017 – RZD Logistics (Russian Railways Logistics), the largest multimodal logistics operator in the CIS and Baltic countries, has reached an agreement with the Russian universal container company UNICON 1520 (part of RPC United Wagon Company) on joint transport and logistics operations at the site of the Eastern Economic Forum in Vladivostok.

The agreement was signed for RZD Logistics by First Deputy CEO Eduard Alyrzayev. The signatory for UNICON 1520 was the company’s Executive Director, Victor Ivanov.

The agreement between RZD Logistics and UNICON 1520 lays the foundation for a partnership in complex strategic projects. The logistics operator will have access to the rolling stock of its new partner for domestic and international transportation, while UNICON 1520 will benefit from the expertise of RZD Logistics as the largest multimodal logistics operator. The parties plan to start working together before the end of this year.

Mr. Alyrzayev commented: "The agreement, which we have signed, has strategic importance for both RZD Logistics and our partner, since it creates new opportunities for joint work in promising business projects. Cooperation with UNICON 1520 will mean that we can make the newest and most up-to-date rolling stock in Russia available for our customers, ensuring that we provide a modern and highly dependable service to the best international standards."

Mr. Ivanov, Executive Director of UNICON 1520, commented: "UNICON 1520 and RZD Logistics both rely for the success of their business on innovation in their capacities and their service to customers. The synergy between our companies will enable us to achieve even better standards in transportation of petrochemical cargoes and to address the most challenging tasks together."