SKF Company supplies Compact Bearing Units for Tikhvin Freight Car Building Plant

SKF, a Sweden company, will supply a large batch of compact tapered bearing units for Tikhvin Freight Car Building Plant, an affiliated company of United Wagon Company (LLC “UWC”). A leading global manufacturer of axlebox bearings will be one of the main suppliers for the enterprise.

In 2014 SKF Tver, manufacturing facility in Russia, will produce a total of more than 40,000 SKF axlebox compact tapered bearing unit (CTBUs) for TVSZ innovative freight cars with a 25-ton axle load. Under the cooperation agreement SKF will provide technical support and maintenance services within the warranty period.

SKF bearings meet operating requirements and climatic service conditions of Russian railways. Modern design elements of CTBU allow significantly increasing rolling stock reliability and capability.    

Economic effect of SKF axlebox bearings utilization on freight rolling stock bogies is reached due to increased overhaul life that is up to 800 or by non-availability of maintenance expenses during 8 years, as well as reducing the amount of uncoupling in transit for repairs, that as a whole will be one of the factors for network capacity infrastructure derestriction.

 “This is an important strategic order for the SKF Tver facility,” said Rutger Barrdahl, Director SKF Railway and Off Highway Business Unit. “It will develop SKF’s key partnerships with an innovative OEM in Russia and above all will help to develop freight cars with longer maintenance intervals, higher performance and safer operation.