State Transport Leasing Company to buy more than 5,000 new-generation freight cars from Tikhvin Freight Car Building Plant»

In the framework of strategic partnership United Wagon Company (UWC) has signed a new contract with State Transport Leasing Company (STLC) for the delivery of 5,122 freight cars with increased payload. UWC has already shipped more than 10,000 freights cars to STLC under previous agreements as of September this year. The largest contract in recent years for delivery totalling over 15,000 freight cars calculates more than 50 billion rubles.

Vostok 1520 transport company, which is part of First Heavy Haul Company, will be the lessee of the freight cars for the term of 180 months.

Tikhvin Freight Car Building Plant (TVSZ, main production facility of United Wagon Company) is supplying two types of gondolas to STLC with unloading hatches and solid-bottom. The freight cars have enhanced load capacity of 75-77 tons (compared to 70 tons for standard freight cars in Russia). The use of 1-VM loading gauge and increased internal dimensions give a significant increase of capacity to 98 m3 (compared to 86 m3 in standard freight cars). Bogies with axle load of 25 tons provide efficient transportation, using full load capacity when carrying cargoes of varying densities. Freight cars have an extended period between scheduled maintenance – 800,000 km or 8 years. A freight train consisting of 71 TVSZ gondolas with gross weight of 7,100 tons can carry nearly 500 tons more cargo than standard freight cars.

Statistics from the Russian Railways Rolling Stock Design Bureau show that frequency of repairs, which require uncoupling, over a distance of 1 million km travelled is almost six times lower for TVSZ gondolas, and their unproductive downtime is twice less than for standard rolling stock.

Anton Borisevich, First Deputy CEO of STLC, commented: "We are facing significant demand for up-to-date railway equipment from real sector companies. Demand for modern freight cars is particularly strong. The deal with UWC will strengthen the leading positions of our company on the railway leasing market and provide our customers with new rolling stock."

The State Transport Leasing Company (STLC) is the largest leasing company in Russia. It leases equipment for air, water, rail and automobile transportation as well as special equipment to domestic transport enterprises, and also makes investments for the development of Russia’s transport infrastructure. The Russian Federation, represented by the Russian Ministry of Transport, is the company’s sole shareholder. STLC has BB credit ratings from three leading international rating agencies. Assets of STLC were worth over 232 billion rubles as of 31 December 2016.