The fleet of operating lessor RAIL1520 has exceeded 20,000 cars

The fleet of RAIL1520 (which is part of the railway holding RPC "United Wagon Company") has exceeded 20,000 freight cars. In the span of just a few years since its inception, RAIL1520 has become one of the largest freight railcar operating lessors on the "1520 gauge".

Today, about 60% of RAIL1520 fleet is the rolling stock with improved technical and economic characteristics equipped with the Barber bogies, the run of which provides an operator with additional advantages. Car increased load capacity, reduced costs for empty run and enhanced distance run between overhauls allow decreasing the transportation cost per 1 ton of load and service maintenance costs of cars, reducing the required fleet and optimizing its turnover.

Such large manufacturing enterprises as SUEK, En+, Acron Group, Uralkali and others transport freights by rail in innovative cars. The demand for cars with improved capacity is growing on the part of the grain market participants as well.

The growing interest of large industrial enterprises and transport companies in the innovative rolling stock provides the percentage growth of new generation cars in total sales of car-building works of Russia and the CIS. Thus, in comparison with last November, their share has increased up to 30%.

A wide network of more than 30 service centers and spare part depots provides the maintenance of cars equipped with the Barber bogies throughout the whole operating domain of train movements.

In 2015 RAIL1520 is intent upon increasing freight cars fleet, in particular by means of brand new models designed with customer preferences and freight market demand.