Tikhvin freight car building enterprises adopt measures to protect employees from coronavirus

Tikhvin freight car building enterprises have taken a serious approach to protecting its employees from coronavirus, purchasing protective masks, antiseptic products and UV lights.

The Tikhvin Industrial Site has purchased 20,000 masks. They will be distributed to employees at the beginning of the working day, on their journey to work and back home. Compliance with coronavirus prevention measures is monitored carefully by the company employers.

Hand sanitizer dispensers have been installed in the Site’s canteens, with 1,000 litres of disinfectant solution purchased. Markings have been placed on the canteen floors along with instructions calling on employees to ‘OBSERVE SOCIAL DISTANCING’.

Cleaning operations at the enterprises are carried out every four hours in sanitary facilities, once per day on the shop floor, and once daily in the company offices. Germicidal irradiators, which have been installed in the canteens, can be used for air disinfection in the presence of people and operate around the clock.

Employees working in harmful and hazardous conditions are being given special clothing, shoes, and other personal protective equipment. Around 80,000 respirators are purchased each month for the use of Tikhvin’s car-building staff.

Additional measures to prevent the spread of the coronavirus disease:

  • Employees are not allowed to move around the Industrial Site for any purpose other than to perform their official duties;
  • Contractors may only work under the full control of the employers of these organizations, and are required to comply with the measures being taken to protect against coronavirus.

The Tikhvin Industrial Site houses an operational headquarters and a dispatch centre. All services are monitored daily by security personnel, with violations quickly dealt with. The enterprise has also introduced round-the-clock body temperature checks, ceased work-related travel, and begun to hold all meetings online.

Tikhvin Freight Car Building Plant is making provisions for the uninterrupted operation of the railway industry and continued employment in the region. As of 6 April, the enterprise resumed partial production under the new safety measures.