Tikhvin Freight Car Building Plant to invest above 300 mn rubles in improvement of working conditions

Under the program of labor protection and industrial safety “Tikhvin Freight Car Building Plant” (TVSZ, part of railway holding RPC “United Wagon Company”) is implementing measures to prevent work accidents, and ensure protection of its employees’ health, environmental and fire safety. In 2017, the plant schedules to hold more than 100 events aiming to improve working conditions, the total budget of such events exceeding 300 million rubles.

TVSZ cares much about the health of its employees. The workers of the plant undergo regular medical examinations at the plant’s own medical aid station and the town clinic. The plant also provides fluorographic examination and annual vaccination, including against flu, encephalitis and pneumococcal infection. In 2017, more than 3 million rubles will be allocated to provide sanatorium-resort therapy to the plant’s staff.

Particular attention in terms of labor protection is paid to measures aiming to protect the workers from harmful factors. In 2016, TVSZ spent 130 million rubles to acquire certified individual protective means, including working clothes and special footwear.

The plant implements policies to prevent occupational diseases and ensure favorable and safe working conditions. For instance, metal working of blanks and parts is performed with state-of-the-art grinding machines with a reduced local vibration level, and the workers wear vibration-proof gloves. During the year, as part of its health and safety program, the plant will install specialized dry tanks to help alleviate stress on hands.

TVSZ performs regular assessment of working conditions: working-zone air is regularly sampled and tested, the microclimate parameters (air movement speed and humidity, temperature) together with the noise level and vibrations are monitored. Employees working in harmful conditions for more than 5 years undergo full medical examination held by the staff of St. Petersburg Occupational Pathology Center. Further, the plant intends to modernize and renovate the aspiration and filter-ventilation systems installed in its shops, the total cost of the works to exceed RUB 200 million.

As reported by Herman Kotenko, Head of Labor Protection, Industrial and Environmental Safety at TVSZ, on April, 28th, the World Day for Safety and Health at Work, the plant management will hold a meeting with the staff to negotiate further policies for the improvement of the production environment and labor process.