Tikhvin Freight Car Building Plant starts batch production of innovative railcars with increased loading capacity

Tikhvin Freight Car Building Plant has started batch production of universal gondolas fitted with Barber bogie with increased axle load of 25 t. Aggregate profit of the innovative railcar operation over its service life will make up to 8,3 mln. RUB. By the end of the year the TVSZ is planning to produce more then 2 000 railcars with increased loading capacity.

Drop-bottom universal gondola model 12-9853 is characterized by increased economic returns due to increased loading of up to 75 tons that provides additional operating benefit in the amount of more 220 RUB per day for the railcar during transportation of coal on the standard route Erunakovo village (Kemerovo region) – Nahodka port (Primorsky Kray) compared to typical bogie model 18-100 gondola.

In addition according to the Federal Agency tariffs order № 61-t/1 the owner of innovative gondolas produced by the TVSZ may figure on tariff allowance on empty mileage in the amount of up to 26,5 %, that allows saving more than 270 RUB per day on the same route.
Additional profit from Barber bogie rolling stock mass operation is provided by repairs cost-cutting in the amount of 1,3 mln. RUB for a railcar during its operating life.

Aggregate profit from the Barber bogie universal gondola model 12-9853 operation with increased axle load of 25 t will be 710 RUB per day, that during railcar service life increased up to 32 years will allow profiting up to 8,3 mln. RUB per rolling stock unit compared to typical bogie model 18-100 gondolas.

A detailed calculation of the economic benefit from the operation of various types of freight cars produced by the Tikhvin VSZ can be found on the website www.барбер.рф. "Calculator Barber effect" allows determining the benefits scale from the Barber bogie rolling stock use for different types of railcars, cargo, distances, transportation load, tariff classes and other parameters.

The first batch of Drop-bottom universal gondola model 12-9853 has already passed more than 110 thousand kilometers during the operation supervised by JSC "Siberian Coal Energy Company", confirmed the calculated values for the carrying capacity and scheduled fretting of undercarriage elements. Service facilities for the spare parts storage and Barber bogie service are based on 11 OJSC "WRC-2" railcar repair depots.

"Eventually the innovative freight railcars mass operation will provide a benefit for the nation’s economy totally: it will reduce the expenses of the transportation process participants and increase the competitiveness of industrial enterprises", - says Dmitry Bovykin, Executive Director of "United Wagon Company" - the managing company of CJSC "TVSZ" .