TikhvinChemMash to deliver tank cars for sulfuric acid to UMMC

CJSC “TikhvinChemMash” (part of RPC “United Wagon Company”) has won a tender of JSC “Sredneuralsk Copper Smelter” and JSC “Svyatogor” (part of “Ural Mining Metallurgical Company”) for the supply of 24 tank cars for sulfuric acid. Rolling stock has already been dispatched to metallurgical enterprises.

New generation tank cars are equipped with running gear with increased axle load 25 ton-force. Due to the increased up to 77 tons payload capacity tank car transports by 10% more freight than standard counterparts. Tank car tank design with a “broken” axis ensures achieving maximum draining of the tank.

First Tikhvin tank cars of model 15-9545 for sulfuric acid were received by “Sredneuralsk Copper Smelter” operational use at the end of 2015. Regular exchange of operational use in real conditions made it possible to take into account the Customer’s wishes and tailor the tank cars to the metallurgical plant specific features. Thanks to the successful experience of tank cars operational use and freight traffic efficiency of this rolling stock UMMC was able to take a decision on a further replenishment of its fleet with “TikhvinChemMash” tank cars.

Alexey Kukushkin, Deputy Director for Commercial and Financial Issues at JSC “Sredneuralsk Copper Smelter”, pointed out: “For us it is vital to enhance transport security of supplies of the plant products. Not so long ago we updated our automobile fleet with transport means possessing modern control systems and advanced ergonomics. Today our goal is to replenish freight cars fleet. When choosing a rolling stock, its failure-free operation and high efficiency of freight traffic in it play a crucial role. UWC tank cars meet our requirements in terms of these indicators.”

According to experts, the demand for innovative tank cars for sulfuric acid will be at a high level in the course of the next several years. Despite a 10% write-off over the past 2 years, the current fleet remains rather badly worn out. If, for instance, a tank car standard service life is 18 years, then average fleet age is at the level of 12 years. Until the end of 2017, about 20% of the fleet can be additionally written off. Besides, new generation freight cars models appeared on the market; these models contribute to a significant increase in freight traffic economy, and that in addition stimulates demand for a rolling stock possessing improved technical characteristics.