TikhvinChemMash has obtained the certificate for the production of new generation tank cars for molten sulfur

CJSC “TikhvinChemMash” (part of RPC “United Wagon Company”) has obtained the certificate of FBO “Register of Certification on the Federal Railway Transport” for the production of new generation tank cars for molten sulfur. Batch production is scheduled for the 1st quarter of 2017.

Thanks to its technical and commercial parameters the tank car for molten sulfur of model 15-6913 leaves existing counterparts far behind.

Increased tank car tank space (44m3) and payload capacity (72t) of the car provide for the transportation of additional 9t of freight (compared to the most widespread model-counterpart when freight density is 1.8t/m3). Between repairs run of the tank car amounts to 800, 000 km or eight years.

In the product line of the railway holding UWC it is one of the most technically complex models. The car tank is designed by the designers of “All-Union Research and Development Centre for Transportation Technology” (part of RPC UWC) with the participation of potential customers.

The tank car prototypes have successfully passed a series of field tests in the infrastructure, and that made it possible to take into account particular features of their operational use and to be convinced in practice that the chosen constructive solutions are correct. Tank car tank is made of corrosion-proof steel. It is equipped with thermal insulation system containing a double encasing made of stainless steel and air clearance for maximum conservation of transported freight temperature; it is also equipped with electric system of warming up. Increased rigidity of the external encasing construction enhances the tank car reliability and leaktightness. Broken axis of the tank car tank provides for maximum draining of the tank car. The system of tubular electric heaters blocking has been applied in the tank car to prevent unauthorized access to the electrical equipment.

According to experts, more than 85% of the fleet of tank cars for molten sulfur is in operational use, which exceeds the normative service life. Thus, already today the urgent need for new tank cars accelerated development and launching into manufacture is felt in the market. However, the participants of freight traffic process are interested not just in new freight cars, but rather in the fleet that contributes to the improvement of freight traffic financial indicators.