UNICON 1520 enters partnership with Avestra Group

The railway operator UNICON 1520 (a subsidiary of United Wagon Company) has signed an agreement with The Avestra Group, a major supplier of Russian petrochemicals to foreign markets, on cooperation and joint work in transport logistics for liquid chemical cargoes and LPG.

Under the agreement, the partners will work together to address a number of tasks, including transportation of liquefied hydrocarbon gases, methanol and other liquid chemical cargoes using new generation tank cars and tank containers. Transportation modes will be adapted to meet specific needs.

Igor Berezin, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Avestra Chemical (Suisse) S.A., commented:

“We aim to be the best independent company trading Russian oil and gas products in international markets. The highly competitive environment, in which we work, requires delivery of a wide range of high-quality products on time and at the lowest cost, and that is impossible without the use of modern transport solutions. The Avestra Group is more than a trader: we provide our clients with a full range of services, none of which is more important than logistics. Cooperation with UNICON 1520 will help us to strengthen our positions, optimizing time and costs in cargo deliveries.”

Victor Ivanov, Executive Director of UNICON 1520, commented:

“We are focused on long-term cooperation with The Avestra Group. The projects, which Avestra implements, are of great interest to us. Responding to complex logistics challenges on export routes is our priority. We are ready to go beyond a single format in our cooperation and to mobilize a broad range of UWC railway equipment for the benefit of our new partner.”

The Avestra Group has many years of experience working with Russia’s leading producers of petrochemicals. Company business includes purchase, supply and logistics support for deliveries of chemical and gas-chemical products, petroleum products and fertilizers from producers to customers around the world as well as a full range of related services.

UNICON 1520 is a railway operator providing transportation services and multimodal logistics for bulk cargoes, including hazardous cargoes. The company fleet consists of tank containers for the carriage of chemical, petrochemical and liquefied petroleum gases, as well as fitting platforms with enhanced load capacity (including platforms built by United Wagon Company). The business geography of UNICON 1520 is both domestic (inside Russia) and international (various export markets).