UNICON 1520 signs contract with KuibyshevAzot for oleum shipments

UNICON 1520, a Russian rail transport operator and subsidiary of the railcar holding United Wagon Company, and KuibyshevAzot, Russia’s leading producer of industrial chemicals, have reached agreement on long-term cooperation, followed by the execution of a contract signed by Alexander Gerasimenko, CEO of KuibyshevAzot, and Victor Ivanov, Executive Director of UNICON 1520.

Under the contract, UNICON 1520 undertakes to arrange for the transportation by rail of 600,000 tons of oleum, a raw material used by KuibyshevAzot to produce caprolactam and its derivatives (polyamide, industrial and filament polyamide yarns, cord fabric, films and engineering plastics). The minimum monthly delivery volume guaranteed by UWC’s transport subsidiary is of a at least 17,500 tons of oleum using specialized tank containers carried by container flatcars with increased load capacities built by UWC’s manufacturing subsidiary, TikhvinSpetsMash.

Victor Ivanov, the Executive Director of UNICON 1520, commented,

“More and more large Russian industrial companies are showing confidence in us by becoming our partners. To implement this project, we have ordered, jointly with EUROTAINER SA, new specialized T20 tanks, the order being the largest ever placed in the Russian railcar industry. The shipper and the recipient acting together with local branches of the Kuibyshev and Moscow Railway, subsidiaries of Russian Railways, have developed and are now introducing practical solutions aimed to reduce railcar turnaround times and the number of railcars involved in the shipping process, which will relieve the parties’ shipping infrastructure.”

Andrey Bylinin, Commercial Director of KuibyshevAzot, said,

“The improvement of transportation and logistics processes is among our priorities. Better transport and logistics will allow us to lower costs, which will eventually reduce the price of finished products offered to our customers, making our company and our partners more competitive.”

UNICON 1520 is a rail transport operator providing shipping and multimodal logistics services for liquid, including hazardous cargoes. The company fleet consists mostly of tank containers for transportation of chemicals, petrochemicals and liquefied petroleum gas, and container flatcars of increased carrying capacity built mainly by UWC. UNICON 1520 provides transportation services in the domestic market and for exports.