United Chemical Company “Shchekinoazot” purchased 295 tank cars produced by TikhvinChemMash

Research and Production Corporation “United Wagon Company” will supply 295 tank cars, for transportation of liquid bulk chemical cargos to UCC Shchekinoazot, one of Russia's largest chemical companies. The rolling stock will be delivered to the chemical enterprise before the end of June this year. The first shipment has already been made.

Cooperation between the two companies dates from 2013, when the railway holding UWC supplied 80 hopper cars for transportation of mineral fertilizers with increased payload capacity to Azot SPA TD (Azot Scientific Production Association’s Transport Directorate) under a long-term lease contract. The cars ensured transportation at minimum cost while maintaining cargo quality.

Under the new contract, TikhvinChemMash (the part of UWC) will ship 176 model 15-6880 tank cars for transportation of methanol and 119 model 15-6926 tank cars for transportation of ammonia to Azot SPA TD. The rolling stock will be used to transport finished products.

Technical and commercial parameters of these tank cars are superior to those of existing analogues. Both models offer additional economic gains by increasing operating margin and reducing transportation costs per tonne of cargo, as well as by providing maintenance savings.

The tank cars for transportation of methanol and methanol derivatives have type 1-T dimensions (designed for ease of servicing at existing loading terminals), increased payload capacity of 73 tonnes, 88 m3 boilers and 25 tf axle load bogies. The tank cars for transportation of ammonia have 92.7 m3 boilers, bogies with 25 tf axle load that increase their payload capacity up to 50 tonnes and Tpr dimensions, enabling additional cargo load compared with standard cars. Service life of the TikhvinChemMash methanol tank cars is 32 years (8 years longer than that of a standard car) and service life of the ammonia cars is 40 years.

“Our company produces more than 1 million tonnes of cargo each year. The UWC tank cars will reduce our railway tariff payments and servicing costs, which is very important for the economics of our company. This is especially important now, as we are commissioning M-450/A-135, a combined production facility for methanol and ammonia, which will double our output. The M450/A135 combined methanol and ammonia production facility is one of the most advanced of its kind in the world, and its output will be transported by unique tank cars produced by TikhvinChemMash,” said Yevgenia Khomyakova, CEO at Azot SPA TD.