United Wagon Company fulfils a contract for the supply of 50 platforms for transportation of timber products

Research and production corporation “United Wagon Company” (UWC or Holding) (MOEX: UWGN) has completed an order for the supply of 50 platforms of increased cubic capacity to ship timber freights to Red October, a large timber processing factory.

The key advantage of the model 13-6895 long wheelbase platform is a 30–40% (20-30 m3) loading volume increase resulting from a higher payload capacity (up to 72.5 t) and loading volume (up to 155 m3). The economic effect is reached both when loading heavy (veneer logs) and light (shipping-dry lumber) freights. For all that, there is no need for a heaped load, which considerably simplifies loading and unloading operations and enhances transportation safety.

The platform’s payload, whenever coniferous sawlogs (3 stacks, each 6 meters long) are supplied to Red October (Perm Territory), amounts to 85–87 m3. The freight car’s length over coupler pulling faces is 19.5 m, of which 18.85 m are taken up by its loading length. The cost of transportation by this platform is calculated by short wheelbase tariffs, which radically reduces the transportation cost per cubic meter of freight.

The platform is complete with a bogie having the axle load of 25 tf, equipped with box cassette bearings, which ensures the overhaul period of 800,000 km (or 8 years). The platform’s service life is 40 years.

The 13-6895 model platform was designed by the All-Union Research and Development Centre for Transportation Technology, the rolling stock company’s design office. The platforms are manufactured by TikhvinSpetsMash.

Aleksandr Susloparov, CEO at Red October, pointed out: “Efficient logistics of timber freights would be impossible without contemporary rolling stock. Not only does UWC offer timber carrying platforms; it also provides LTC (local technical conditions) for their operation. We plan to use platforms for carrying both timber and sawn wood. Our company has been involved in timber business for more than 100 years, and we’re always on the lookout for more effective solutions.”