United Wagon Company to manufacture 100 box cars for Eurologistic

In 2023 PJSC “Research and production corporation “United Wagon Company” (UWC) will fulfil an order for 100 box cars, placed by Eurologistic international transport group. The rolling stock will be delivered under a trilateral agreement between UWC, State Transport Leasing Company (GTLK) and Eurologistic.

The model 11-6874 box car is an effective transport solution for the transportation of bulky low-density and compact high-density cargoes. Its carefully balanced key specifications make it suitable for the full range of applications: it has a payload capacity of 73 tonnes, a freight car body volume of 175 m3 and is mounted on a 25-tonne axle-load bogie. The floor layout allows it to carry 44 loaded euro-pallets - making it one of the highest capacity box cars on the Russian market.

The box car’s ergonomic design makes it easier and more reliable to use, ensuring the safe carriage of loads and saving time on loading and unloading. An operational advantage of the freight car consists of its high resistance to loads: the rated permissible load per floor segment is 5 tonnes. The riffled steel floor ensures an effective grip for lift truck wheels. The doorway openings are larger than those of other comparable cars. Loose cargoes can be loaded into the freight car body via the roof hatch. The cars are fitted with lashing rings to ensure easy and secure fastening of the cargo. There is also a ventilation system to provide adequate air flow through the freight car body. The hatches and flaps above the doorways are specially reinforced to protect the cargo from rain or snow and there are floor openings for any condensation to drain away. During testing each car is sprayed with water to ensure it is fully watertight.

The 11-6874 box car has a maintenance interval of up to 1 million km (or 8 years). Its service life is 32 years.

Dmitry Serikov, Chief Executive Officer at Eurologistic, LLC: “In our work we place a great emphasis on ensuring the practicality, reliability and safety of railway freight haulage operations. The freight cars manufactured by the Tikhvin plant have proved their reliability in the field and we are confident that when using them for freight transportation, our clients will enjoy an increase in profitability and better performance quality. This is our first contract for the purchase of high-load capacity freight cars mounted on 25-tonne axle-load bogies, and we look forward to working with UWC again in the future.”

As estimated by UWC, in Q1 of 2023, almost 64,000 box cars were in operation on the Russian rail network. United Wagon Company is the main supplier of box cars with a 25-tonne axle-load.

GTLK is the largest customer of innovative freight cars in Russia. The company’s activities are aimed at supporting the railway machine engineering sector, renewing rolling stock and developing the freight transportation infrastructure. As of 01.05.2023, GTLK was renting out 93,000 freight cars, or 104,700 freight cars including those provided by contractors, with a total of 5,800 box cars (41% of which mounted on 25-tonne axle-load bogies). Its total investment in machine engineering amounted to 399.7 billion rubles.