United Wagon Company presents new models of freight cars

RPC "United Wagon Company" (RPC UWC, Holding), the market leader in innovative railcar manufacturing at the 1520 mm gauge area, will introduce new models of new generation freight cars equipped with Barber bogies in the framework of the Fifth International Fair of Railway Equipment and Technologies Expo 1520.

 RPC UWC will introduce for visitors’ consideration a hopper car for grain transportation with the car-roof made of aluminum alloy. The car has a cubic capacity increased up to 120 m3, which allows using the full 77-ton capacity of vehicle when transporting all types of grain and grain mill products. The car is equipped with two locking and sealing devices. The car design makes possible to speed up loading/unloading and to reduce transportation cost.

 A new model of solid-bottom gondola car is one of the exciting fair exhibits. The car design ensures the balance between the capacity of body (77 tons) and the cubic capacity (98 m3) when transporting bulk cargo, including brown coal. The car body, carriage lining and sheets of hatch covers are made of high-strength steel with increased resistance to atmospheric corrosion and wearing, which contributes to an easy interaction with the loading and unloading infrastructure.

A platform for timber and lumber transportation of 70 ton-carrying load is represented at the exhibition. Its loading length from 3 to 18 meters gives possibility to transport three 6-meter woodpiles and that fact allows paying railway tariffs as for a short wheelbase vehicle that significantly reduces the cost of freight transporting per ton compared to rival products. The new design for side stakes of uniform section maintains the packaged cargo integrity and significantly reduces the "idle" volume.

 RPC UWC will also present a box car with 72.5 ton-carrying capacity and 175 m3-cubic capacity. It has outstanding car design features such as enlarged side access doors, the indoor wall equipment and hatches with vent grids on sidewalls.

The rolling stock is painted in corporate colors, specifically designed for RPC UWC prototype freight cars. The philosophy of leadership and advanced car manufacturing technology are at the heart of it. The concept visualizing appears in colored geometric composition, which symbolizes constant dynamics of RPC UWC development, advance, quality, stability and openness.

 You can see RPC UWC new railcar models on railway bed №56 at the Fifth International Fair of Railway Equipment and Technologies Expo 1520, which is held at VNIIZhT Test Loop (Moscow, Shcherbinka) in September 2-5.