United Wagon Company to Supply Platforms for Heavyweight Containers to Poland

PJSC Research and production corporation “United Wagon Company” (“UWC”, “the Holding” or “the Company”) (MOEX: UWGN) became the winner of an international tender to supply 200 platforms for heavyweight containers to Laude Smart Intermodal SA (Poland), one of the rapidly growing companies in the field of multimodal transportation services and logistics in Central and Eastern Europe.

The equipment will be supplied in stages by end of the second quarter of 2019. The cars fitted with bogies having an increased axle load capacity of 25 tf will be operating in the Russia-Poland-Russia transport corridor.

The 13-6851-01 platform (40 feet long) has an increased loading capacity (up to 80 ton), which in combination with a decreased tare weight (down to 19.5 tons) facilitates transportation of all container sizes (20, 30, 40 and 45 feet). The UWC platform is equipped with reinforced center sill and stationary fitting twist locks enabling transportation of heavyweight containers. This sets the UWC car apart from the counterparts operating within the 1520-gauge space.

The key advantage of the UWC platforms is the undercarriage: the 18-9855 bogie has an increased axle load capacity (up to 25 tf) and a higher service reliability due to an improved design of bearing castings and the spring equalizing system, a reinforced solebar, high casting quality and wear-resistant materials (including high-strengthen alloy ductile iron), etc. The application of a 25 tf bogie allows to extend the time between repairs to 8 years (or 800 thousand km). The service life of the UWC platform is 40 years.

The platform model 13-6851-01 has been developed by All-Union Research and Development Centre for Transportation Technology and manufactured by Tikhvin Freight Car Building Plant since 2016 (both companies are parts of the Holding).

According to Marcin Witzchak, CEO at Laude Smart Intermodal SA, “Our company is rapidly growing and moving forward with the aim of becoming the leading provider of logistics services in Central and Eastern Europe. That is why we focus on the quality of our freight car fleet. When engaging new rolling stock, we select the best suppliers and product solutions only. The UWC platforms fully conform to our high-quality standards, and the production capabilities of our Russian partner allow to promptly build up the required scope of supply”.