United Wagon Company Wins MOEX Excellence Awards Prize

PJSC Research Production Corporation “United Wagon Company” (RPC UWC or Holding) (MOEX: UWGN), leading builder of innovation freight cars within 1520 gauge territory, has won MOEX Excellence Awards prize according to IR Magazine Russia & CIS Awards 2016.

The 10th official awarding ceremony IR Magazine Russia & CIS Awards took place in Moscow. Winners of this globally recognized professional award were decided on the grounds of independent annual poll held within investment community, Extel 2016 Survey.

RPC UWC became the 1st in MOEX Excellence Awards, a special nomination of Moscow Exchange, the award’s strategic partner, for the best IR among companies holding IPO at Moscow Exchange in 2015.

Moscow Exchange Managing Director for development of primary market and customer support Anna Vasilenko comments: “In 2015 new stocks were mainly bought by Russian institutions. New public companies have just started building their financial communications and interacting with investment community. At the next stage of history of public companies, it is important for new issuers to differentiate its pool of investors, to raise investment funds from different regions and to set out for maximum scoring of their business made by the market. We would like to support companies in this work and to establish a special nomination for companies that are new in the market”.