UWC and Dessa sign a supply contract for another batch of timber flat cars

PJSC «Research and production corporation «United Wagon Company» («RPC UWC», the Group or the Company) (MOEX: UWGN), Russia’s largest manufacturer of freight cars1, and Dessa, LLC, a transportation leasing company, have signed a contract for the supply of another batch of 60-foot flat cars for transporting timber. UWC will dispatch the freight cars to Dessa in Q1 2021.

The 13-6895 flat car renders various economic benefits achieved through an increased load capacity of 72.5 t and a larger body volume of 158 m3: these specifications allow it to transport timber, whether light or heavy, at a maximum efficiency. This flat car produced by UWC can accommodate some 40% more freight compared to a similar 40-foot-long flat car widely available in the market. The Tikhvin flat car offers a loading length of 18.85 m, which means it can accommodate three timber stacks, each 6 meters long, while remaining within the “short-base” tariff range. Therefore, the increased load capacity and the tariff scheme applied allow for a significant reduction of transportation costs per ton of freight.

The car is fitted with uniform cross-section side racks to minimize unused space when transporting packaged cargoes and to protect these from damage. Owing to its 18-9855 bogies with an axle load of 25 t, the flat car has an increased maintenance interval of up to 1 million km (or eight years), longer than that of similar standard models. The service life of the car is 40 years.

Vyacheslav Pogudin, CEO at Dessa: “UWC has been our partner for several years now. As our cooperation is growing steadily, we look forward to the Group’s further expanding its assortment of flat cars. Both our customers and we have had successful experience operating Tikhvin flat cars, and appreciated their high performance. For this reason, we have intentionally chosen to put new generation freight cars at the core of the lease portfolio we are developing. This batch of flat cars, just as the previous one, will be leased to rail operator SODEX.”

1Data sourced from INFOLine-Analytics: https://infoline.spb.ru/news/?news=203409