UWC and Kamkor Wagon have signed an agreement for maintenance services

United Wagon Company (UWC, a managing company of Tikhvin Freight Car Building Plant) and Kamkor Wagon (a subdivision of “National Company” “Kazakhstan Temir Zholy”) have signed an agreement for maintenance services for new generation freight cars equipped with Barber bogie in Kazakhstan.

The Parties agreed to establish service facilities for TVSZ freight cars equipped with innovative Barber bogies with load of 25 tf and 23.5 tf on the base of three Kamkor Wagon’s car-repair depots (Kazalinskoye car-repair depot, Karagandinskoye car-repair depot, Pavlodarskoye car-repair depot). Kamkor Wagon undertakes obligations on warranty repair of Barber bogies, as well as stocking of the original parts and assemblies for these bogies at Kamkor Wagon’s warehouses and areas.

The companies’ partnership will reduce the downtime of car-repair and provide prompt delivery of components for Barber bogies to repair depots. The instructions on maintenance technology and current repair of Barber bogie have already been provided for training of Kamkor Wagon car-repair depot staff. Trainees received certificates based on assessment of knowledge.

Commenting on the signing of the agreement, Dmitry Losev, Deputy CEO for Technical Development at United Wagon Company, said: “Implementation of new generation freight cars in the CIS territory requires the dynamic growth of service network. It is important for us to provide to clients not only railcars but quality services, so we continue to work on signing similar agreements with other railway administrations of the CIS”.

Esen Aytebekov, CEO at Kamkor Wagon, added: “Rail freight transportation is very important for economy of Kazakhstan. Nearly two-thirds of the entire freight traffic in Kazakhstan is provided by the railroad. We see broad prospects in operation of high-quality and commercially efficient railcars and we are convinced that in the near future this approach will be implemented for a major part in total freight car fleet, operating on the territory of our country.”