UWC and TransContainer sign agreement on the supply of container flat cars

Research and production corporation “United Wagon Company” (UWC, the Group or the Company) (MOEX: UWGN), Russia’s largest manufacturer of freight cars1, and TransContainer, a subsidiary of Delo Group, have signed an agreement on the supply of 150 container flat cars (80 feet) on bogies with an axle load of 25 t for the transportation of high-capacity containers. The batch of cars will be shipped to the operator by the end of this year.

The model 13-6903 flat car is designed for the transportation of high-capacity containers and tank containers with a gross weight of up to 36 t. The placing and fastening of containers of various size categories can be done according to the existing local loading requirements. To achieve this, the flat car’s frame is equipped with 4 fixed and 10 double folding container pins.

The rolling stock is noted for its 74.5 t loading capacity and 80-foot loading length. The flat car is equipped with 25-t model 18-9855 bogies, which increases maintenance intervals up to 1 million km (or eight years). For comparison, standard models are sent for their first intermediate maintenance after running 210,000 km (or three years), which is then repeated every 120–210,000 km (or three years). The service life of the Tikhvin-produced flat car is 32 years.

Together with the latest deal, the total number of Tikhvin-produced flat cars with loading lengths of 40 and 80 feet in TransContainer’s fleet will rise to 310 units.

Andrey Banshchikov, Director for Equipment Operations at TransContainer, said: “TransContainer is always working to refresh its fleet of container flat cars and is keen to see efficient rolling stock operating on a container transportation market, able to secure the reliable supply of freight products to our clients. Partnering with UWC is a good example of how we find solutions to fulfil these objectives.”

1Data sourced from INFOLine-Analytics: https://infoline.spb.ru/news/?news=203409