UWC contracts to deliver 1,000 grain hopper cars

At TransRussia 2023, an international fair of transport and logistics services, warehousing equipment and technologies, United Wagon Company agreed on the delivery of a total of 1,000 grain hoppers with the ASTON Group, one of Russia's leading manufacturers of food and food ingredients, and the railway operator MRT.

Batches of 700 and 300 hopper cars will be delivered to MRT and the ASTON Group, respectively, by the end of 2024.

The 19-9549 hopper car is designed to carry a wide range of grain and milled products. The increased body space of 120 m3 and higher axle load of 25 tonnes of the grain hopper’s bogies enable the transport of goods using the freight car's full payload of 76 tonnes. Compared to common-type rolling stock, the freight car can accommodate up to 6 tonnes more of freight. Owing to such parameters, the use of these hoppers can reduce the required fleet size by an average of 15% and save up to 7% on freight charges per tonne of freight, thereby lowering the cost of purchasing the freight cars and subsequent costs related to their operation.

Longer maintenance intervals allow the hopper car to be sent for its first depot service at a mileage of up to 1 million kilometres or after 8 years of operation.

Alexander Mamonov, Commercial Director at MRT, LLC: “Our order portfolio is growing. The capacity of the current railcar fleet is no longer sufficient. We believe that at this stage of market development, there is no alternative to freight cars with increased axle load. We have positive experience with the Tikhvin rolling stock and know how to effectively manage such fleet. We expect the signed agreement to be implemented as soon as possible.”

Andrey Galaburdin, Procurement Director, ASTON Group: “ASTON is a major agricultural producer cultivating grains, pulses and oil crops on its fields, as well as buying products from local farmers. In our business, it is very important to consider environmental safety and environmental neutrality, so the company pays special attention to logistics, optimising transport routes and shortening the supply chains. The acquisition of such a large batch of rail rolling stock will enable us to increase cargo turnover while reducing the carbon footprint, as well as to develop cooperation with agricultural producers in different regions.”

Evgeny Onatsky, Deputy CEO for Sales at United Wagon Company: “The development of long-term partnerships with our key clients is a priority for us. Such format of cooperation allows all parties to develop confidently and smoothly. By signing these cooperation agreements, we are taking another step towards a highly efficient rail transport market.”