UWC corporate magazine wins Silver Threads contest

The corporate magazine for the clients of the RPC “United Wagon Company” - Vremya UWC (The UWC’s Time) – has become the laureate of the national contest for corporate information recourses and media projects “Silver Threads 2016” (Serebryanye Niti).

Vremya UWC has made its debut in two categories at once: “the Best Corporate Magazine in Machine Building” and “from Winner to Winner» (in which the magazine has received the award according to the decision of SANDOZ company, the last year winner in the category “the Best Corporate Magazine”).

Vremya UWC has been published since 2016. This B2B magazine presents the materials on manufacture and technologies of the railway holding enterprises, new products, expert commentary of the UWC clients and  partners, as well as the market analysis.

The national contest for corporate media “Serebryanye Niti” is held annually among the best performing corporate newspapers and magazines, radio- and television programmes, company web-sites and Intranet-portals, along with special projects in corporate communications and company annual reports. This year, almost 160 media resources competed in various core and professional categories: 121 of them participated in a large national competition of corporate newspapers and magazines, digital-media, corporate sites and special projects, 29 projects entered the national contest of corporate video and TV, nine ─ the national contest of corporate calendars.