UWC to deliver large batch of tank cars to Western Petroleum Transportation

At TransRussia 2023, an international fair of transport and logistics services, warehousing equipment and technologies, the rail operator Western Petroleum Transportation and RPC United Wagon Company agreed on delivery of 3,000 tank cars for petroleum and its derivatives starting from 2024.

The tank car, Model 15-9993, features a larger tank volume of 88 m3 and an increased payload capacity of 73.3 t. These parameters allow the freight car to be loaded with almost 4 tonnes more than its mass-produced counterpart running on the rail network.

The car design complies with modern technical processes for discharging viscous oil products. In particular, the tank car can be unloaded with existing circulation heating systems by means of a full bore discharge device compatible with hydromonitor bottom discharge devices. The bent-axis design of the tank ensures the fullest possible drainage of the load. The tank has a service life of 32 years.

The increased maintenance interval of up to 1 million km or 8 years between depot overhauls allows a significant reduction in the cost of the car’s life cycle.

Evgeny Ivanov, Head of Railcar Operation Service at Western Petroleum Transportation, LLC: “Our companies have been working together for various years. The implementation of the memorandum will increase our share of tank cars in the oil cargo transportation market, help coordinate joint work and ensure the continuity of rolling stock deliveries. We sincerely hope that the innovative 15-9993 tank cars for petroleum products will only show their best in operation”.

Evgeny Onatsky, Deputy CEO for Sales at United Wagon Company: “This memorandum is very important for all parties. It represents a new level of cooperation. The rolling stock to be delivered under the new arrangements will allow our partner not only to increase the economic efficiency of transportation, but also ensure transport safety.”