UWC delivers a batch of box cars to ZHDK Tranzit operator

PJSC «Research and production corporation «United Wagon Company» (RPC UWC, the Group or the Company) (MOEX: UWGN), Russia’s largest manufacturer of freight cars1, has shipped 30 new generation box cars to ZHDK Tranzit, LLC, a rail operator working in box car shipments. The deal was financed by the lease company REGION Leasing, part of the REGION Group, ranking among Russia’s largest private investment groups.

The box car, Model 11-6874, represents an efficient solution for the transportation of bulky light-weight and small-sized heavy loads. This versatility is achieved through a balanced combination of technical parameters: a load capacity of 73 t, a body volume of 175 m3 and innovative bogies with an axle load of 25 t.

The box car features a uniquely ergonomic design, which ensures safe transport of cargoes and reduces the time required for loading and unloading operations. In particular, the car has larger door openings than its common-type counterparts. It uses sliding doors, which glide smoothly on roller supports. All of these enable loading and unloading operations to be carried out by all existing types of forklift trucks. The four loading hatches on the roof and side walls of the car ensure easy and quick loading of bulk goods. The grooved floor provides better grip, both for the load and the forklift wheels. The absence of height differences on the floor facilitates securing the load.

The box car is equipped with innovative 25 t bogies, which allows increased maintenance intervals up to 1 million km (or 8 years). For common-type box cars, the first maintenance service is due after 210 thousand km (or 3 years), and subsequent scheduled service after 110-160 thousand km (or 3 years). The service life of a box car built by UWC is 32 years.

Pavel Tugaev, Chief Executive Officer at ZHDK Tranzit: "We have been in the market for more than 10 years, providing freight forwarding services in box cars. We have deliberately concentrated our activities on a particular type of rolling stock. This policy allows us to continually develop our competency. Since 2017, ZHDK Tranzit's fleet has been operating cars manufactured by UWC. I am sure that the growing share of new generation railcars plays a key role in meeting the needs of our customers. We hope to further develop our partnership with Tikhvin railcar manufacturers and REGION Leasing, which has provided us with financial support, promptly and competently.”

Rustem Mukhamedov, Chief Executive Officer at REGION Leasing: "We are a universal leasing company which has comprehensive experience in implementing projects in various sectors of the economy throughout Russia. This deal is an example of how leasing instruments can be used efficiently, when a company quickly gains access to the best railcars in the market. We at REGION Leasing appreciate our partnership with UWC and ZHDK Tranzit".

1As reported by INFOLine-Analytics: https://infoline.spb.ru/news/index.php?news=205975