UWC to present production samples of new generation railcars at International Railway Fair PRO//Motion.Expo

Research and production corporation «United Wagon Company» (RPC UWC, the Group of companies or the Company), Russia’s largest manufacturer of freight cars[1], will be a partner of the International Railway Fair in the area of 1520 “PRO//Motion.Expo” (26-29 August, Shcherbinka, Moscow) and will demonstrate new generation freight cars, including articulated types.

This year the exposition of UWC (rail track No.56) will be represented by the following three serial cars on bogies with an axle load of 25 t: six-axle articulated tank car for transportation of light oil products, model 15-629; tank car for oil products, model 15-9993; and a box car for transportation of a wide range of cargoes, model 11-6874.

The six-axle articulated tank car model is a unique transport solution allowing the transportation of a whole freight car load of light-weight refined products with infrastructural constraints and specific features of oil products transportation taken into account. The total volume of the tanks is 160 m³, and their load capacity is 108 t. The design features ensure maximum utilization of the freight car load capacity during transportation of light refined products with low density (up to 0.84 t/m³), such as gas condensate, some grades of diesel fuel, etc. Due to this competitive advantage, the tank car provides a saving of up to 20% of transportation costs per one tonne of cargo, depending on its density. The tank car can be operated as part of mixed trains with 4-axle cars and is compatible with existing discharge and loading terminals. The service life of the tank car model 15-629 is 40 years.

The four-axle tank car is an efficient transport solution for all kinds of oil cargoes with a density of up to 1.03 t/m³. The tank car is characterized by an increase to 88 m³ tank volume and up to 73.3-ton load capacity. Such parameters allow increasing loading in the car by not less than 4 t in comparison with analogues. The tank with a bent axis design ensures maximum fullness of load discharge. The discharge device is equipped with three degrees of protection to ensure tank car tightness and safety of liquid cargo transportation. The design also takes into account the peculiarities of the technological process of viscous oil products discharge with the use of existing circulating heating systems through the use of a full bore discharge device compatible with the devices of bottom discharge with a hydro monitor. The service life of the tank car model 15-9993 is 32 years.

A box car is an efficient transport solution for light and heavy loads. Such universality of use is achieved by a balanced combination of technical characteristics of the car: load capacity (73 t), car body volume (175 m³), and innovative bogies (25 t axle load). The box car is characterized by excellent ergonomic engineering solutions, which improve the convenience and reliability of its operation, ensure safe cargo transportation and reduce the time for loading and unloading operations. The dimensions of the door openings have been increased compared to those of similar standard cars. The geometric dimensions of the floor allow placing of 44 Euro-pallets with cargo, which is the maximum in the market today. At the customer's request, the car roof can be equipped with hatches to allow loading of bulk cargoes. The service life of the box car is 32 years.

1As reported by INFOLine-Analytics: https://infoline.spb.ru/news/index.php?news=205975