UWC to send a batch of container flat cars to Trans Synergy

PJSC «Research and production corporation «United Wagon Company» (RPC UWC, the Group or the Company) (MOEX: UWGN), Russia’s largest manufacturer of freight cars1, will supply 360 container flat cars to inter-modal container operator Trans Synergy, LLC. The rolling stock will enter the operator's fleet under a trilateral contract made between UWC, Trans Synergy and State Transport Leasing Company, the largest customer for innovative cars in Russia.

The flat car, Model 13-6903, is designed to carry containers, including refrigerated containers and tank containers with a gross weight of up to 36 tonnes, and allows placing and securing large-capacity containers in compliance with the Local Technical Requirements (MTUs). The flat car is equipped with 25 t axle load bogies and features a payload capacity of 74.5 t and a loading length of 80 ft.

The car is equipped with 4 fixed and 10 movable container pins to enable transportation of removable containers coming in a variety of sizes.

The flat car has an increased maintenance interval of up to 1 million km (or 8 years), while flat cars mounted on standard 23.5 t axle load bogies are sent for their first scheduled maintenance after 210 thousand km (or 3 years), with subsequent maintenance to be held after 120 – 210 thousand km (or 3 years). The 13-6903 car’s service life is 32 years.

Stanislav Stankevich, Executive Director at Trans Synergy, LLC: “Our company can boast having an advanced and one of the youngest rolling stock fleets on the market. Operating the Tikhvin rolling stock will further strengthen our position, as the new generation cars have already proven their efficacy in the 1520-mm space. We look forward to further successful cooperation with United Wagon Company and State Transport Leasing Company as our partners.”

1Data sourced from INFOLine-Analytics: https://infoline.spb.ru/news/?news=203409