UWC starts the mass production of platforms for large-capacity containers

United Wagon Company (UWC or the Holding) (MOEX: UWGN) — the leading builder of new generation railcars in the 1520 mm track gauge zone —  starts the mass production of platforms for large-capacity containers and container-tanks with gross weight up to 36 t. Freight cars are equipped with innovative bogies, which provide reduction by 3 times of cost of the freight car service lifetime.

The application of innovative bogie with increased axle load 25 tf and increased up to 800,000 km (8 years) term of between-repairs runs are a key competitive advantage of the platform of model 13-6851-01. Platform construction design provides both its payload increase up to 80 tf and tare weight decrease. Applied technical solutions allowed to increase up to 40 years platform service lifetime and fatigue strength for the whole time of its operational use.

Fitting platform is designed for the transportation of a wide range of large-capacity containers 20, 30, 40 and 45 feet long.

The Tikhvin Freight Car Building Plant will produce the platforms. Freight car has been designed by “All-Union Research and Development Centre for Transportation Technology”. The Federal Budgetary Organization “Register of Certification on the Federal Railway Transport” certificate confirms that the new freight car model complies with the requirements of Technical Regulations of the Customs Union 001/2011 “On the safety of the rolling stock”.

According to industry experts, there will be a great demand for platforms for large-capacity containers in the medium term due to a global trend for freights containerization. Such type of freight traffic has a number of advantages when compared to other types: it provides safety of freights, convenience of loading/unloading and the logistics is very flexible when dealing with such traffic; besides, thanks to this type of traffic it is possible to deliver freights from “door to door”.