UWC’s patent portfolio in Russia and other EAEU states, China, US and EU exceeded 1,100 protection titles

The UWC Group continues developing its intellectual property management system, as it enhances its patent portfolio for freight cars and components in the markets of Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and other EAEU states, as well as China, the USA and EU. In 2021, the Group obtained 117 patents, bringing its total protection titles to over 1,100.

The UWC’s patent portfolio includes patents for inventions, utility models, and industrial designs that protect the Group’s existing and future R&D products and have commercialization potential in the markets prioritized by UWC. The company’s foreign patents focus on prospective solutions applied in innovative rolling stock, including articulated and interchangeable-body freight cars.

The product development support system implemented at UWC allows to respond timely to the challenges of intellectual property protection. A product under development is reviewed for design solutions worth patenting at all stages of the R&D process: from the conceptual design to the finished set of design documents. Not only solutions that have actually been implemented in the design, but also design variants that could potentially be reproduced by competitors are eligible for patent protection in the course of the review. This policy furnishes the Group’s products with a competitive advantage and helps prevent infringement of third-party rights.

United Wagon Company's achievements in patenting technical solutions were recognised with gold awards at the international Innovation & IP Forum and Awards in the category ‘Best Intellectual Property Management Department in Russia, Central and Eastern Europe’.

Anna Orlova, Deputy CEO, Strategy and Product, at UWC, and Executive Director at VNICTT: “UWC’s intellectual resources allow us to strengthen our leadership in the Russian market year after year, creating a solid foundation for the competitiveness of Tikhvin railcars. Also, having foreign patents in our portfolio enhances our reputation as a reliable partner internationally”.