A new generation hopper car model 19-9550 is equipped with a bogies with an axial load of 25 tf.

In comparison with existing counterparts, the payload capacity in the freight car of model 19-9550 has been increased up to 79 t. The design of the freight car allows to effectively transport cement, alumina, apatite concentrate, sand, gypsum, lime and other bulk powder and granulated freight loaded via the top hatches and discharged by means of gravitational unloading. To prevent deformation of the body and the formation of a vacuum inside it during unloading, the freight car is equipped with an anti-vacuum valve.

Increased terms of between-repairs run, which provide for the reduction of the freight car life cycle costs by almost 3 times, are a considerable competitive advantage of the freight car of model 19-9550.

Hopper car for transportation of cement is completely compatible with the existing infrastructure and can be operated at all types of loading-unloading terminals.

Designed by: All-Union Research and Development Centre for Transportation Technology, LLC.



Technical specification

Model 19-9550

Payload capacity, т


Body space, m3


Tare weight, т


Length over coupler pulling faces, mm


Height from rail top level, mm


Number of loading/unloading hatches, pcs


Size of the loading hatch into the light, mm


Gabarit as per GOST 9238-2013


Bogie model


Estimated static load from the wheel set on rails, kN (tf)

245 (25)

Service life, years


Regulatory overhaul period, up to mln km (years)

1 (8)

Сargo ООН code cargo
Portland cement 28104
Cement is not named in the alphabet 28114
Alumina 15106
Apatite concentrate (apatite) 43103
Quartz sand, except construction 24146
Anhydrite (feldspar feldspar and light) in lumps and powder 23302
Sodium carbonate (sodium carbonate, soda ash) 48215
Sand molding 24147
Cements for tamping 28113
Limestone powder, not named in the alphabet 23306
Dolomite flour (ground dolomite) 24159
Granulated slag 27100
Technology chalk 23316
Slag m-200, m-300, m-400 28115
Other cargoes O/R