New generation hopper car for transportation of grain of model 19-9549-02 with a roof from a high-strength aluminum alloy increasing freight car payload capacity by 1 ton.

Hopper car for transportation of grain is equipped with 25 tf bogie, that benefit, combined with the increased up to 120 m³ of body space, ensures efficient transportation of a wide range of lightweight grain products with the utilization of 77 t of full payload capacity of the freight car. Increased terms of between-repairs run, which provide for the reduction of the freight car life cycle costs by almost 3 times, are a considerable competitive advantage of the freight car of model 19-9549-02. New generation hopper car for transportation of grain  is completely compatible with the existing infrastructure and can be operated at all types of loading-unloading terminals.

Designed by: LLC “All-Union Research and Development Centre for Transportation Technology”.



Technical specification

Model 19-9549-02

Payload capacity, t


Body space, m3


Tare weight, t


Height from rail top level, mm


Number of loading / unloading hatches, pcs


Unloading mechanism

Lever-screw mechanism

Number of locking and sealing devices, pcs


Gabarit as per GOST 9238-2013


Bogie model


Estimated static load from the wheel set on rails, kN (tf)

245.25 (25)

Service life, years


Regulatory overhaul period, up to mln km (years)   

1 (8)

Сargo ООН code cargo 
Wheat 01100
Barley 01400
Apatite concentrate (apatites) 43103
Clay 15106
Schroth stern, not specified in the alphabet 54222
Grain maize 01500
Schroth, containing not more than 1.5% oil and less than 11% moisture 54223
Raw sugar 52105
Malt grain 01811
Urea (urea artificial) 43304
Corn beans 01802
Flax seeds 02107
Beet pulp  54207
Pomace 54205
Rye 01200
Other cargoes O/R