Flat car model 13-6724 is the first railcar in the 1520-mm gauge space with a loading length of 46 feet and a load capacity of 80 t.

The flat car is designed to transport containers with a gross weight of up to 40 t. The economic effect of transporting cargo in containers on the flat car is achieved due to both the increased load capacity of the car and the increased volume of containers of 20-foot body length up to 7,010 mm. The container can hold up to 13 Euro-pallets of 800 mm x 1,200 mm and 10 standard pallets of 1,000 mm x 1,200 mm, while a common 20-foot container holds 11 and 8 pallets, respectively. The increased length of the container allows to load and efficiently transport a variety of steel coils and other unit loads.

Designed by: All-Union Research and Development Centre for Transportation Technology, LLC.


Technical specification
Model 13-6724
Payload capacity, t 80
Tare weight, t 19,5±0,5
Length over coupler pulling faces, mm 15,020±25
Width, mm 2,805
Gabarit as per GOST 9238-2013: car underframe 0-ВМ
Gabarit as per GOST 9238-2013: bogie 02-ВМ
Single movable container pins, pcs 16
Double movable container pins, pcs 2
Container size types 1ЕЕЕ, 1ЕЕ, 1AAA, 1AA, 1A, 1AX, 1BBB, 1BB,1B, 1BX, 1ССС, 1CC, 1C, 1CX,
20 ft with 6,058 to 7,010 mm body length
Bogie model 18-9855
Estimated static load from the wheel set on rails, kN (tf) 245 (25)
Service life, years 40
Regulatory overhaul period, up to thousand km (years) 500 (6)