New generation platform with 25 tf axle load and with 80 t payload capacity.

40-ft platform of model 13-6851-01 is designed for the transportation of large-capacity containers and tank-containers for non-dangerous goods with a gross weight of up to 40 tons (model 13-6851-05 is designed for the transportation of tank-containers containing dangerous goods).

Key competitive advantages of 40-ft container platform of model 13-6851-05 are enhanced reliability and safety during the transportation of heavy containers due to the running gear with 25 tf axle load and the reinforced construction of the center sill and fitting stops. Application in the freight car design of the draft gear of the class T3 provides for a possibility of transportation of tank-containers containing dangerous goods.

The construction of the platform of models 13-6851-01 and 13-6851-05 provides for fatigue strength for the entire service life of 40 years. Increased terms of between-repairs runs, which provide for the reduction of the freight car life cycle costs by almost 3 times, are a considerable competitive advantage of the freight car.

Designed by: LLC “All-Union Research and Development Centre for Transportation Technology”.


Technical specification

Model 13-6851-01/13-6851-05

Payload capacity, t


Tare weight, t


Length over coupler pulling faces, mm


Width, mm


Height from rail top level, mm


Height from rail top level to coupler centerline, mm

1,040 - 1,080

Number of folding stops for containers attachment, pcs.


Number of stationary stops for containers attachment, pcs. 


Gabarit as per GOST 9238-2013


Bogie model


Estimated static load from the wheel set on rails, kN (tf)

245.25 (25)

Service life, years 40
Regulatory overhaul period, up to mln km (years)
1 (8)