A new generation tank car for the transportation of liquefied petroleum gas with a boiler space of 111.5 m³ is second to none in the CIS countries.

The boiler length increased to 16 meters allows adding to volume and weight of the cargoes to be carried making full use of 25 tf axle load.  The key features of the freight car design are the boiler frameless connection with the underframe and the two access hatches, both of which are equipped with a set of fittings. An increased run time between repairs is a significant competitive advantage of the freight car of model 15-9542, which allows cutting down the cost of the freight car life cycle by more than 3 times. The freight car service life is 40 years.

Designed by: “All-Union Research and Development Centre for Transportation Technology”, LLC.



Technical specification Model 15-9542
Payload capacity, t
Boiler space, m3 111.5
Boiler internal dimensions, mm 3,000
Length, mm 18,030

Tare weight, t


Gabarit as per GOST 9238-2013


Bogie model


Estimated static load from the wheel set on rails, kN (tf)

245.25 (25)

Service life, years


Regulatory overhaul period, thousand km (years)   

800 (8)

Сargo ООН code cargo
Сжиженные углеводороды с наливной плотностью до 0,688 т/м3
Other cargoes O/R