The model 15-629 tank car is designed for the transportation of light oil products along main railroads in the 1520 mm gauge area.

The model 15-629 tank car consists of two sections connected by a spherical articulated connector. The design features of the tank car allow for the most efficient possible use of the car’s loading capacity when transporting light oil products with a density of up to 0.84 t/m3, thus solving the problem of underloading when standard four-axle cars are used. The total volume of the two tanks stands at 160 m3, and the loading capacity of the car is 108 t. Together, these specifications ensure the transportation of a quantity of cargo similar to that transported by two standard tanks with 100% axle load usage.

Existing restrictions attributable to the infrastructure of the consignors and consignees were taken into account in the design of the car. The 15-629 tank car’s length over coupler pulling faces is 24,040 mm, while the length of one section is 12,020 mm, which is comparable to the length of a standard four-axle tank. The tank car’s loading and unloading valves and fittings and their placement are coordinated with the spacing of the loading and unloading rack. Thus, the 15-629 tank car can be serviced at standard terminals, including alongside four-axle tank cars. The Tikhvin-produced tank car has a service life of 40 years.

Designed by: All-Union Research and Development Centre for Transportation Technology, LLC.

Producer: TikhvinChemMash, JSC.


Technical specification

Model 15-629

Payload capacity, t


Boilers space, m3


Tare weight (min-max), t
Length over coupler pulling faces, mm 24,040
Base, mm:

Height above rail top, mm 4,671
Maximum width, mm 3,254

Gabarit as per GOST 9238-2013


Bogie model


Estimated static load from the wheel set on rails, kN (tf)

245 (25)

Regulatory overhaul period, thousand km (years)

500 (8)*

Service life, years


*According to the results of controlled operation, the period can be extended.