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RPC UWC business will create new opportunities in upgrading the fleet of freight cars

Roman Savushkin
Chief Executive Officer


United wagon company

Research and Production Corporation “United Wagon Company” (RPC UWC) is one of the leaders in innovative railcar building in the territory of “1520 gauge”. The railway holding is an integrated provider of services in manufacturing, transportation, operating leasing, engineering and maintenance of freight cars with advanced technical and economic features.


RPC UWC’s innovative railcars on CIS railway net

as of January 2015


Barber Effect Calculator

Freight cars equipped with Barber bogies allow decreasing the transportation cost per 1 tonne of load and increasing car profitability. Using this Calculator you can evaluate Barber freight cars benefits for your business.

Read more on www.barbers2r.com


RPC UWC’s Strategy



Annual production
till 2020



A unique company personnel

RPC UWC’s personnel is core Company’s values and we use our best efforts to create a comfortable working environment. For the purpose of sustainable development and social stability at work, we implement the principle of constructive partnerships with each employee.


Mission and strategy

RPC UWC’s mission is to increase carrying capacity and improve railroad safety.

The basic parts of the Company’s strategy are as follows:

  • To be fully engaged in development of heavy traffic technologies and accelerated renovation of rolling stock fleet in the territory of “1520 gauge”.
  • To increase annual manufacture of freight rail cars up to 50 000 units until 2020.


The priorities of Research and Production Corporation “United Wagon Company” as a socially responsible company are as follows:

  • Staff welfare and professional development 
  • Occupational health, safety and environmental protection 
  • Social security 


Principles and values

The defining feature of our company is the pursuit of technical excellence.



RPC UWC's current fleet



As of 31 December 2014


Our market - Space 1520

RPC “United Wagon Company” manages Tikhvin Freight Car Building Plant, NPC Springs, transportation company Vostok1520 and leasing companies under the RAIL1520 brand. The holding includes the design bureau All-Union Research and Development Centre for Transportation Technology and science and engineering research consultative council.


Operating leasing

Value of RPC UWC's leasing operations portfolio
(as of 01.07.2014)



Production TVSZ

Annual capacity of railcar casting production



Cars fitted with new generation bogies Barber S-2-R


The volume of leasing transactions in Russia, rub bn


Source: Expert RA


in the Future

We are committed to provide comprehensive and up to date information to our shareholders and other investors, and we will be happy to engage in a meaningful dialogue with potential investors.


Key Indicators

RPC UWC’s anticipated fleet of
rolling stock in 2016



Shareholders and investors

Finance Director "UWC"


Chief Financial Officer at RPC UWC
+7 (499) 999 15 20


Media about us

15.08.2014Railvolution magazine

On 17 July 2014 Tikhvinsky vagonostroitelny zavod (TVSZ) announced that it had completed its 10,000th wagon since the works was inaugurated in January 2012.

23.07.2014International Rail Journal

United Wagon Company (UWC) has rolled out the 10,000th wagon to be produced at its Tikhvin Freight Car Wagon Plant (TVSZ) in western Russia, which opened in January 2012.

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Our principles: openness and honesty

We are pleased to welcome you in our corporate press center. Please address your media queries about Research and Production Corporation “United Wagon Company” to our team at the Corporate Communications Department. We will be pleased to answer your questions.


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Contacts for Media

115184, Russia, Moscow

Stary Tolmachevsky pereulok, 5

Phone: +7 (499) 999 15 20

Fax: +7 (499) 999 15 21



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Corporate Center

Thank you for visiting the website of RPC «United Wagon Company». Please contact us if you have any questions. You can find further information about RPC UWC's branches at their dedicated websites.


Tikhvin Freight Car Building Plant



Springs Industrial Technology Center



All-Union Research and Development Centre for Transportation Technology



Railcar operating lessor "RAIL1520"



Transportation company "Vostok1520"


+7 (495) 514 15 20




115184, Russia, Moscow, Stary Tolmachevsky pereulok., 5

Phone: +7 (499) 999 15 20

Fax: +7 (499) 999 15 21